Flower Horoscope for October

Hello to all our October Birthday Friends and to all of you who are Libra babies, as well!

What a wonderful time of year to be born: In the Northern Hemisphere the glorious season of Autumn is well and truly underway, and for all our fellow Australians , Spring is in the air!

And your flowers are as special as you are! The main flower is the bright and cheerful marigold, along with the lovely Cosmos, always dancing daintily in the breeze. People born in October are passionate about fair play, justice in life, and they are also extremely creative.

Marigolds represent optimism and prosperity and these bright yellow and orange flowers are said to represent the warmth and beauty of the rising sun. They can also speak to secret affection, so if there’s someone out there who doesn’t know how much you care about them, send them a bunch of bright golden marigolds!

Cosmos are simple flowers on long, graceful stems that come in white and then all through the shades from palest pink to deep magenta. They represent peace and tranquility—the perfect balance to the energetic yellow and orange marigolds.

The flowers for Libras are large roses of any shade. Librans are known to be very fond of all things beautiful and balanced and just, which is why they can’t tolerate any kind of upheaval or injustice, and have a strong sense of right and wrong. The sturdy full- blown rose is the perfect flower for this sign.

And what a beautiful birthstone comes with the month of October: the unique and fiery Opal. And since some of the world’s finest Opals come from “the land down under,” we’re guessing that all our Australian friends already know how unique and stunning opals can be! This gemstone symbolizes faithfulness and confidence, and Opal necklaces were once worn to ward off evil and to protect eyesight. 

And if you could have a birthday party with some fellow October birthday babies, wouldn’t you love to invite Matt Damon and Kate Winslett? Or how about Sarah Ferguson, the Duchess of York and Ralph Lauren? Hillary Clinton and Hugh Jackman? Paul Simon and Ryan Reynolds? Bill Gates? This is going to be one great party? And you’re in good company with some very talented, unique and special people who were also born in October: Steve McQueen, Dwight Eisenhower, Pablo Picasso, Teddy Roosevelt, Oscar Wilde, Rita Hayworth, Jonas Salk and Carrie Fisher, to name just a few.

Of course, you’ll need some special October music for your party, so here are some suggestions for your play list. We bet that Paul Simon just might want to join in on some of these!

So, make it a FANTASTIC birthday, October babies! We’re wishing you a year ahead filled with all things bright and beautiful!

 Love Rose & Violet xxxxxxxxx

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