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About us

We were born out of the happiest, simplest of ideas: to make the world more beautiful by sharing the things that bring us joy.

 Since its beginnings in 1975 in Adelaide, Australia, our family-run company has been passed down through generations and iterations - at first an overflowing bookstore and gift shop, then a line of original home decor, and today a range of women and children's apparel, wedding accessories, gifts and decor, all lovingly designed and crafted in-house.

We put our heart and soul into every little detail, from the spark of an idea through the process of bringing it to life.


Inventor, architect, and style fashionista. Completely extravagant in all ways. A true believer that all things are possible; his magic brings dreams to life.


Like an exploding firework you never know where her sparks will fly. Madly passionate and romantic with an irrational plan to do absolutely everything.


Marine biologist, artist, designer, herbalist, predictor of trends and Mother of three. She is a force to be reckoned with.


Fiercely unstoppable jack of all trades. Always with an overflowing 'to do' list and a bag of tricks; she is going to change the world.

Much has changed over the years, but what's most important has stayed the same.

Fueled by an insatiable wanderlust, we still exchange gifts, stories, and smiles.

We leave a path of glitter, velvet blossoms, and whimsy at fairs and pop-up shops near and far, sharing our treasures with kindred spirits.

These travels and experiences are our muses; their happy whisperings urge us to create.

Today, all Miss Rose Sister Violet products continue to be designed with love and care by our very own passionate team. We endeavor to make beautiful and inspired products; a collection that touches people, bringing smiles and celebrating the good things in life. Home is now Australia and America—where we trace our roots and where we plant the seedlings of our next great adventure.