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We Will Meet Again.... The Queen's Message to us all.

To our dearest Friends,

We wanted to share with you all the wonderful message released by The Queen this morning - a message of support, strength and unity. And a reminder that we WILL all get through this together.

Also a beautiful "Thank you" message to all the wonderful people in our community that are on the Front Line taking care of us all and our needs while we stay protected at home.

This is a beautiful message to us all. A message to share.

Love to everyone from all of us here at Miss Rose Sister Violet


(2) comments

  • Rowena

    I too saw the queen’s message and was delighted with her gracious message, the kindest regards for her people & those working the front lines in her country.

    Truly reflected her honorable character. All the best to you both.

    Rowena & Jonathan
    Houston, TX

  • Diane Hernandez

    We watched the Queen’s message on Sunday morning. She is still a very lovely & most stunning lady. She spoke so eloquently words of encouragement and hope. We love her and appreciate her kindness to the American people during these very troubling days. Thank you.

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