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Midsummer's Cotton and Lace Scarf - BLACK


Designer: Miss Rose Sister Violet

This is one of our most loved shawls... The cotton is lightweight and delicate but still hard wearing. The lace is fine and delicate and forms a beautiful frame to the square shawl.

(Model also shown wearing other colors available)

It is also incredibly warm in the cooler months but light weight enough to not be too heavy and hot during the Summer days. It is adaptable to be wrapped tightly around the neck or draped across the shoulders for a more romantic look. We just love it!

So so soft .....This is a cotton scarf with a very wide fine lace edging ...this scarf is our most popular ever and is so wonderful to wrap yourself up in ...either as a shawl around your shoulders or as a scarf ...

Lightweight and soft, it's a big square that can be draped around your shoulders or rolled and worn around the neck. The lace is extremely soft and subtle .

Also available in other Colors on our website store: Stone, Charcoal, Pistachio, Champagne Cream, Ballerina Pink 

DIMENSIONS: Width: 39 inches Length: 70 inches