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Miss Rose Sister Violet

Violet the Cat - Beige and Grey Vintage Floral

Violet the Cat - Beige and Grey Vintage Floral

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Meet Violet, the vintage cat toy, a whimsical companion for every child's dreamy adventures and sweet snuggles as the day winds down. Crafted from the softest 100% pure linen and adorned in a unique vintage floral fabric made from 100% pure cotton, Violet brings a touch of enchantment and old-world charm to playtime.

Her delightful removable skirt swirls and twirls, perfect for tea parties in sunlit gardens or magical gatherings under the starry sky. Violet isn't just a toy; she's a gentle friend, lovingly stuffed with natural and sustainable materials, ensuring she’s not only safe but also kind to our planet.

As the perfect friend for both high-spirited escapades and comforting cuddles at bedtime, Violet promises to keep secrets, share giggles, and be there through every moment, big or small. Her timeless elegance and heartwarming smile make her more than just a toy—she's a cherished companion for all the precious tales and tender moments to come.

6 Available colors on our website:

Green Floral, Blue Polka Dot, Red Floral, Beige Floral, Charcoal Floral, Spring Floral


Height: 12 Inches

Width of body: 3.5 Inches

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