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Miss Rose Sister Violet

Peregrine Tote Bag - Brown

Peregrine Tote Bag - Brown

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The Peregrine tote bag is a traveller, a wanderer, a dreamer. She seeks treasures wherever she goes. Her bag is filled with this and that, a passport, a purse, cards from loved ones (she carries their love wherever she goes). There is a lipstick, maybe 3, a perfume... exotic warm tones of sandalwood, cedar and rose... there is a diary, some pens...

What else is in there? Photos, tissues, some postcards she has forgotten to send.

The Peregrine carries it all, there is so much room for mementoes, memories and more.

Made from 100% heavy duty linen with a gorgeous generous outside pocket made from a Miss Rose Sister Violet exclusive Vintage floral.

In Brown.

With a nice deep pocket on the inside with a zip to keep treasures safe and a roomy interior it really is the bag you will take wherever you go.. a drive to the library, a shopping visit to the grocer, this bag can carry so much weight.

Peregrine is a bag that can travel anywhere, anytime.

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