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Toy Land at Miss Rose Sister Violet

Without doubt, the creation of our Toy Collection has brought us one of our greatest joys. Not only has it always been a dream of ours to create toys and items of play for children, but to see the happiness it gives children when they hold one of our toys makes our hearts burst with happiness.

(CLICK HERE to view our darling toy collection)

So we thought we would introduce you to some of the key toy designers here at Miss Rose Sister Violet - and the "Quality Control Team" that tirelessly work behind the scenes to ensure our toys are PERFECT for children everywhere.

Meet Arabella, Liberty and Ruby! The three youngest family members in our company that help bring our toys to life!

They helped design every toy we have created and we can tell you honestly that each darling little creation would not be the same without their childlike wonder and expert knowledge. Every little detail has been laid on the table and discussed with them... "Should the swans have ballet slippers or shoes?"... "What color tutu should Flopsy Mopsy Bunny wear?".... "Should Sleepy Dora's eyes be open or closed?".... "Should Mirabella Mermaid have a sparkly crown? And what do you think her favorite drink would be? Raspberry Seaweed Soda or Sea Foam Spritz?".... "What color fabrics should we choose?".... "How cuddly should the animals be? And where do they live? In the woods or along the seaside?"....

Endless questions and brain storming... (all of course with bowls of fruit or yummy homemade cookies close by!)... endless sketching and drawing of faces and outfit ideas and names for each toy. 

So you can see... that each toy we create... has been brought to life with total love and joy. Bit by bit... each little toy has been brought to life with smiles and joyful claps of hands and squeals of excitement. "Yes, Yes, Yes!!!!" the girls squeal - every time we make a decision. Each step a wave of love and joy - so that by the end of each design we have brought to life a toy with heart and soul and magic! And isn't that how it should be.... a world of magic for young and old.

Don't forget to stop by and visit our toys when you need... and we'll keep working away to create more little members to join the party.

With love always, Rose & Violet, (And don't forget Arabella, Liberty and Ruby!) xxxxxx


During this time of quarantine while we can't attend live events, shows, travel or even easily navigate public spaces - we thought what better way to stay connected than by sharing some of our favorite events and shows with you all.

So here is our first.... one of our FAVOURITE designers Dolce & Gabbana... and one of their most spectacular fashion shows. Sit back.. or dress up... and pretend that we are all there together FRONT ROW! And we will share cocktails afterwards and enjoy the sunset.

Love to all! xxxxxxx


We Will Meet Again.... The Queen's Message to us all.

To our dearest Friends,

We wanted to share with you all the wonderful message released by The Queen this morning - a message of support, strength and unity. And a reminder that we WILL all get through this together.

Also a beautiful "Thank you" message to all the wonderful people in our community that are on the Front Line taking care of us all and our needs while we stay protected at home.

This is a beautiful message to us all. A message to share.

Love to everyone from all of us here at Miss Rose Sister Violet



Stronger Together

To our dearest friends,

Now more than ever - we want to stay connected and reach out to all of you during this difficult time. How things have changed!

In the space of only a few weeks we have found ourselves in such a new environment of isolation and distance. But we feel that this current situation has also in some way made us closer to each other than we have been for a long time. Even though we all spend our lives racing around from one thing to the next; work, family commitments, social events, club events - constantly surrounded by people and interacting for hours each day - how much quality time do we get to spend on each activity before our minds are already onto the next commitment?

In our own world here at Miss Rose Sister Violet the last year has certainly seen us grow busier and busier - a mountain of new projects started, more and more travel commitments, more time away from home, more and more energy spent on racing from one thing to the next.... more... more... more. It's easy to feel that with more commitments you are partaking MORE in life - when in actual fact you so easily can end up giving LESS of yourself to each event and activity.

So in this time of isolation we have actually found some peace and space to re-focus on the things in life we value most. As cliche as it sounds - we have found time to stop and smell the roses again. Even in this difficult time of uncertainty there is still much joy and peace to be found. In more family time; more solitude with one's own thoughts; more time to reconnect with friends; more time in the garden; more time to start the projects that have been sitting on shelves for months.... there is peace and happiness and joy.

Yes there is much to be concerned about and for many the uncertainty for future safety and financial security is a very real issue. But if we all support each other, if we all move forward from a place of love and not fear - we WILL survive this rocky period. All things pass - and this too we will survive. 

We hope all of you, our dear friends, are safe and able to find some peace during these days of isolation.

And as always, we are sending love to everyone! xxxxxx

| By: Yasmin Kerkez

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